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OzMozis provides quality analysis, strategic planning, program/project design and support to investors, governments and development donors. We focus on quality and practical advice and analysis, and on results.

Our work is built on the recognition that sustainable development is best delivered through clearly designed and monitored programs, and on the alignment of investment programs with government priorities and national development goals. In sum, we provide practical advice to help clients get positive results from their investments.

OzMozis specializes in four areas:

  • Providing investor support and risk assessment, focused on the extractive industry sector
  • Managing project design and implementation, especially around government policy, skills development, local economic development, community and environment issues, and participation processes
  • Understanding policies, priorities and practices of government, donors and investors
  • Supporting regional and rural development, including planning and financial mechanisms, and value chains

OzMozis is licensed by Mozambique’s Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Action (MICOA) to undertake environmental and social impact assessments.

While our focus is on Mozambique, OzMozis works throughout southern Africa. Our staff and consultants have knowledge of, and experience in, all countries in the region and in many beyond.